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Sean Creagh designs and builds playscapes for schools and has worked with Playful Places for over ten years, developing the cultural conditions to support play and playing. Playful Places has supported Sean’s schools with staff training in play and playwork, and with helping them to manage risk benefit assessments, to enable children to use adventurous spaces freely. 

“When a playscape is complete and its time to let the children on for the first time….that’s usually when the spaces get photographed. This means you capture the environment in all its novelty. Sanded and swept and the planting in its infancy. The children have yet to claim the place for their own. That’s not really the play space I’ve imagined. When creating play environments, I’m heavily reliant on my own memory of the places I played as a child. 

They were always well trodden and well worn. All their textures and detail built into my DNA. That process of adoption and familiarity seems to happen within days and schools are quick to imprint themselves on the spaces, but the deeper evolution as hundreds of young people grow and pass through the spaces, As the planting matures and the materials are worn…. 

Photo of Eightspace

The image above shows some artwork by a school in the Wirral. The project looked at the marks and scuffs and the passage of generations upon the school’s fabric. It imagined how they came about, how that made the children feel and what they left behind. The image on the right was taken on a second visit to a development. Children and staff had relaxed. Fresh scuffs were starting to appear, sticks and branches were scattered about and the grass was growing longer.”

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