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What we do

We offer a range of services to suit different requirements. If you’re not sure what help you might need, please feel free to book an introductory call and we can explore the possibilities.

Click on the services below to find out more about what we do, the sorts of outcomes you might expect, and to see if they fit your requirements.

All our services can be adapted to suit budgets and timeframes, and we can build a package for you, or create a plan that fits your needs. Please give us a call to find out more.

Playful Places consultancy


We offer general consultancy to enable organisations to confidently plan and develop work in support of playing children, playful families and playful people.


We offer two types of play audits to help you activate and embed planning for play – Activating play and Embedding play.

Playful Places audits
Playful Places mentoring


Need to find the playful spark to make play happen? Mentoring offers reflection, advice or guidance – we can respond with affordable online or in-person mentoring sessions.


We offer introductory sessions, full-day workshops and longer training programmes that can support significant organisational change.

Playful Places training
Playful Places school services

School Services

Through delivering the OPAL programme we support schools with strategic change to make the best play and playtime experiences for children.

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Want more?

We would love to work with you if you are curious and excited about where play and playfulness might take you and your organisation. Let’s connect and explore how you can positively shape more Playful Places.

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