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Kids in Museums is an award-winning charity dedicated to making museums open and welcoming to all children, young people and families. We support and champion family friendly organisations through wide-ranging initiatives, including the Family Friendly Museum Award and Takeover Day. We invite heritage organisations to sign up to our co-created Manifesto, which sets out simple guidelines for making museums easy to reach for all ages.

Play is important to Kids in Museums because families tell us they want to have fun, enjoyable experiences in museums, learning and socialising across generations. This feedback from families led us to add play to our Manifesto in 2022 and we now want to support the museum sector to create more playful, joyful indoor and outdoor spaces at their sites. We’re supporting our commitment to play in museums by working with Playful Places to create inspiring and practical training for museum staff, contributing to the development of the Playful Places Network to help share best practice across the museum sector and collaborating with Playful Places to create and deliver play project such as Play in a Socially Distanced World which explored how museums could implement playful interventions for families within the constraints of COVID-19 regulations.

Kids in Museums is funded by Arts Council England. Find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram