Playful Anywhere

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Playful Anywhere CIC is a Leeds-based social enterprise with a mission to catalyse creativity,  inventiveness and playfulness, where we work, live and travel.

Established in 2012 by Emma Bearman with a mission to learn from her young inquisitive children how to fully embrace the joy in the ordinary everyday moments and minutiae, see the potential in places and the people we encountered. She quickly established that she was not alone in this playful pursuit and what has emerged over the years has always been in creative collaborations with playmates from across Leeds and beyond. Always with the ambition to connect the dots and fertilise the grounds for fun, friendships and flourishing.

Playful Anywhere has a proven track record of delivering high-quality fun participatory events,  programmes and activities. They have devised and delivered festivals, open space events, civic participation, networks, playful tech labs, young inventor programmes, building launches, panel events, team builds, place change activities, websites and community activities. They bring teams together to deliver high quality experiences, and have a long-standing reputation for excellence in culture and heritage, public art and realm, art and urban landscaping, fundraising, digital and social media engagement. 

Emma and Charlotte support each other’s commitment and enthusiasm to developing play in everyday communities and provide each other with reassurances, a listening ear and enthusiasm. They are both based in Yorkshire and one day plan to co-create a project(s) that enable them to bring their work together.